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Why Choose Acuity? Highlights and Q&A
You’ve Googled. You’ve clicked. You’ve researched. And—cue drums—you’ve stumbled across approximately 493 different kinds of scheduling software, and have no idea which to pick.

Good news: We’re here to take you by the hand, pour you a glass of digital chardonnay, and walk you through the magical land that is Acuity Scheduling, so you can get a bird’s eye view at all of the features and make the best decision—without the commitment.

When: Every Wednesday
Length: About 45 minutes, including a 15 minute Q&A session for all of our business owner friends who want to ask if Acuity would be a fit good for you. (Magic 8-Ball Says: Outlook Good!)

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Acuity AMA (Ask Me Anything)
You got questions? We've got answers! This webinar is a town hall of sorts - come with any questions you might have about Acuity, and we'll get them answered! 

When: Every other Friday
Time: 2:00pm EST
Length: 60 minutes full of pure question asking and answering

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Acuity Advanced Series
So you've done the Highlights, you've done the AMA, you've played around with your setup but you still want to learn so much more? Well, that's great news! Acuity has a ton of advanced features that you can use to make your scheduling life a breeze and in this series, we'll cover them. Everything from Setting Availability by Appointment Types to Calendar Syncing, this is the webinar to take a deeper dive.

When: Every Thursday
Time: 2:00pm EST
Length: About 30 - 40 minutes

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