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Why Choose Acuity? Highlights and Q&A
You’ve Googled. You’ve clicked. You’ve researched. And—cue drums—you’ve stumbled across approximately 493 different kinds of scheduling software, and have no idea which to pick.

Good news: We’re here to take you by the hand, pour you a glass of digital chardonnay, and walk you through the magical land that is Acuity Scheduling, so you can get a bird’s eye view at all of the features and make the best decision—without the commitment.

When: Every Wednesday
Time: 2:00pm EDT
Length: About 30 minutes, including a 15 minute Q&A session for all of our business owner friends who want to ask if Acuity would be a good for you. (Magic 8-Ball Says: Outlook Good!)

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ConvertKit & Acuity
ConvertKit is an email service provider that is geared toward helping creators earn a  living doing what they do best. Isa Adney is the Webinar Producer at ConvertKit and will be spending time with us hosting a free workshop on how to automate more in your business. Specifically how to turn your ConvertKit subscribers into customers and automate a successful sales funnel in minutes!

Oh and also anyone who signs up will be getting $300 worth of free stuff from ConvertKit!! :

  • $199 Product to Profit Master class
  • $79 Authority ebook
  • $29 free month of ConvertKit

Who doesn't like free stuff??

When: Tuesday, October 31st
Time: 12:00pm EDT
Length: 30 minutes

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Deals and Discounts for Your Clients (Holiday Edition)
The holidays are upon us! Meaning Black Friday madness, Cyber Monday deals, Christmas specials, Chanukah surprises, Boxing day discounts etc.

Join us for this webinar where we'll go over ways to spread the holiday joy with your clients through coupons, packages, and more.

There will be a Q&A section at the end too. YUSS, winning!


When: Friday, November 3rd
Time: 2:00pm EDT
Length: 60 minutes 

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