How can I print my schedule?

Printing your Appointment Schedule

You can print your schedule from the Appointment Calendar section by clicking the print icon in the upper right from a desktop browser. It's not possible to print from a mobile browser or the mobile app. "Print Agenda" will show a list of appointments for the current view, where "Print Calendar" will print the daily, weekly or monthly calendar.


"Print Calendar" defaults to printing the calendar at 75%, but you can change the magnification with the zoom tool, in order to change the height of the calendar when printing:


You can also print your schedule from the Appointment Calendar section by using your browser’s print button, which will print out just the schedule shown. 
If you’re into saving time, you can even set up daily or weekly digests to receive your upcoming appointments via email. On your My Account page, select "Enable agenda e-mail" to set this up (or disable at a later time).

Printing Individual Appointments/Clients

Individual appointments can be printed after you open them by clicking the cog icon in the upper right, then "Print."


In your client list, you can print out a client's details and history (including all of their past appointments) by clicking Print in the upper right. 



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