The Wufoo Forms integration will allow you to have clients fill out an intake form outside of Acuity. This is a great way to gather information before clients book the Acuity appointment or for feedback after the appointment is booked.

We'll match form submissions in Wufoo with client email addresses in Acuity and show them when viewing appointments in Acuity!

How to set up the integration 

Under Business Settings > Integrations you can integrate Wufoo. Enter your Wufoo username and password (we exchange these for API access and never store them).

Once you're connected, select the Wufoo form and the email field in the form. There must be an email address question in your Wufoo form in order for the integration to work.


Only one Wufoo form can be connected to Acuity. If you have multiple forms, you can still add links to your email notifications or appointment confirmation page to gather information, but only answers from the form you select will appear in Acuity.


Viewing client entries in Acuity

When a client has scheduled an Acuity appointment and filled out your Wufoo form, their form submission will appear as an entry in that client's scheduled appointment details. Click on an entry to view the questions and answers.


Multiple entries will be listed in the appointment details if the form has been filled out multiple times. The entries will appear in each of the client's appointments.


Sharing your Wufoo form with your clients

Your Wufoo form can be filled out before or after the client has scheduled their appointment. We'll match their form submissions with their appointment in Acuity.

If you would like clients to fill out the form after they book an appointment, you can include a link to your Wufoo form within your email notification template or appointment confirmation page (or both!). This way clients can schedule the appointment in Acuity, then be directed to fill out the Wufoo form after. 

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