New appointments scheduled in Acuity can automatically add or update your People in Pipedrive.

Under Business Settings > Integrations you can integrate Pipedrive. Enter a Pipedrive API key, connect to Pipedrive, and then select fields from Acuity to send to Pipedrive. We automatically set First Name, Last Name and Email Address.

Once you've saved your settings, each new appointment made in Acuity will create or update a Person in Pipedrive. You will be able to see those synced details in the Person's profile under Contacts >People.


To sync your current list of Acuity clients to Pipedrive, first go to Appointments > Clients > Import/Export and Export Client List to Excel. Then import the CSV file into Pipedrive.

Syncing Custom Fields

Acuity will automatically sync the client's name and e-mail address and can only set fields that are already available in Pipedrive. Any other fields like appointment data or intake form questions, you will need to create custom fields in Pipedrive first! Once you create those custom fields in Pipedrive, you will be able to set those fields in Acuity. 

Only the following custom field types in PipeDrive can sync to Acuity:

  • Address
  • Text
  • Phone
  • Monetary
  • Number
  • Date / Daterange
  • Time / Timerange 

*Note: Custom fields will not be updated in a Person's details in Pipedrive each time a new appointment is scheduled in Acuity. Only the information synced from the first appointment scheduled after the integration is enabled will automatically be synced. After that any custom field data would have to be manually edited in Pipedrive.


Would you like new appointments scheduled in Acuity to create a deal or activity in Pipedrive instead? Check out that integration in Zapier here.

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