iCloud Syncing

You can sync your iCal by syncing your iCloud account to your Acuity account!

In the left hand menu under Business Settings > Sync with Other Calendars > iCloud, click "Sign in to iCloud". Clicking this will let you to sign in to iCloud, authorizing us to access your iCloud calendar and add appointments.

After getting connected, you'll be able to select iCloud calendars for your Acuity calendars to sync to. Optionally, you can check the box "block off time in Acuity from..." to block off time from events in iCloud.

Events from iCloud for up to 200 days in the future will display in the daily and weekly view of your calendar. 

Changing Your Password: Changing your password for iCloud will revoke Acuity's access to your iCloud calendar. If the password for iCloud is changed, then the sync must be reconnected in the Sync with Other Calendars page.

Multiple Accounts

Each User Account in Acuity will be able to connect to their own iCloud account, and will only be able to sync with the Acuity calendars they have access to.

Free vs. Busy

When blocking off events from iCloud is enabled, only events marked as "Busy" will block time in Acuity. By default, most iCloud calendars set all-day and multi-day events to "Free" so if your event is not blocking off time in Acuity be sure to check that!

If you don't see a Free/Busy status for an event on your Mac, check the event on your iPhone by selecting the event, then tapping Show As:

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Sync Speed

Changes in Acuity sync to iCloud almost immediately. Blocking off time in Acuity takes up to 6 or 7 minutes, while Acuity waits for iCloud to let us know an event has been created or changed.

Sync with iCal

Acuity, iCal and Calendar for Mac can all connect to the iCloud calendar.  Connecting your Acuity account and iCal app to the same iCloud account allows us to sync with iCal.

Using an App-Specific Password 

Beginning June 15th, Apple started to require App-Specific Passwords for connecting to iCloud calendar syncing.  If you're having trouble connecting with your iCloud username and password, you may need to create an App-Specific Password just for Acuity.  To create an App-Specific Password for Acuity:

  1. Pull up your Apple ID account page
  2. Under the Security section, if you see App-Specific Passwords, click "Generate Password" and follow the steps. Otherwise under Two-Factor Authentication, click "Get Started..." and follow the steps, then come back and follow the steps for creating an App-Specific Password.
  3. Use the new App-Specific Password instead of your regular iCloud password when connecting Acuity and iCloud. 

You can read more on that in Apple's help article Using App-specific Passwords.

More of a visual learner? Check out our quick webinar on syncing!

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