Why We Don't Have Phone Support

We provide unlimited support via email for all of our customers. Due to high support volume, wait times may be longer than usual, but we're hard at work and will get back to you as soon as we can.

Our email support comes from Acuity employees who are not just super friendly, but also incredibly knowledgeable about how Acuity works.

We're available Monday through Friday, 7am-8pm ET and always check in during weekends and on holidays. Contact us now — we're here for you.

Why do we limit support to online communication?

Keeping support online allows us to keep our pricing low while maintaining a feature-rich and ever-improving product with amazing technical support. By focusing on email-only support channels, we can scale our support and dedicate resources to continually improve and innovate.

Plus, we’ve found that online support lets us provide a great experience for our product. Thanks to having online support, we’re able to automatically gather technical info for research and troubleshooting purposes. It also allows us to link to (and rapidly improve) our online educational resources, so you can get the most out of Acuity Scheduling.

In short, we may not be available by phone, but we're ready and waiting for your email.

Hit us up on social media

We're active on a number of social platforms, and we'd love to see you there. These aren't alternate paths to reaching us for support, but we love growing and learning with the entire Acuity family, which includes you!

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Hands-on Help

While Acuity doesn't offer hands-on help via calls or videoconferencing, our Acuity Certified Experts do. Read more about the ACE program »

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