What's the difference between the paid and free plans?

There are three paid plans offered by Acuity Scheduling: the Emerging Entrepreneur, Growing Business, and Powerhouse Player plans (in order of features and pricing).

The Powerhouse Player and Growing Business plans give you all the same features as the Emerging Entrepreneur plan, but also include the ability to have multiple different schedules (calendars), text message notifications, and sell packages, gift certificates, and subscriptions.

The Powerhouse plan additionally offers API access & CSS customization, for developers, along with multiple time zones per account, and signing a BAA for HIPAA compliance,

By offering additional calendars, you’re able to present several different schedules for multiple staff, locations, etc.  The Emerging Entrepreneur level allows for one schedule and email appointment notifications only –– so it works better if you’re solo.

The Powerhouse level also allows you to remove the “Powered by Acuity” link from your scheduling page and enables more than six calendars. The Growing Business plan is limited to six calendars.

You can view all of the plans and sign up on our Plans & Pricing page.

Features the free plan does NOT include:

  • Class/group appointment booking
  • 2-way syncing with Google, iCloud, and Outlook
  • Recurring appointments
  • The ability to embed scheduling directly on your website
  • Securely accept credit card payments
  • Advanced schedule availability
  • Multiple appointments scheduled at one time
  • Automatic reminder emails sent a day prior to an appointment
  • Scheduling page personalization
  • Customize emails sent to clients
  • Time zone support
  • Sell gift certificates, appointment packages, and subscriptions
  • Coupons for appointment discounts

Powerhouse and Growing Business plans also include multiple calendars and text message notifications (reminder texts to clients and text notification to the admin and any additional numbers on the calendar when an appointment is scheduled).


We don't offer any non-profit discount or concession pricing because Acuity is already priced so darn low! 

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