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We have a Mobile App for Apple iOS, but do not for Android (yet).

  • Acuity Scheduling is entirely web-based, and you can access it from any mobile device's web browser. 
  • You don’t have to download anything and our site is completely responsive on all of your devices––iPhone, iPad, or Android.
  • All of your appointments are kept consistent on all of your devices, and you'll always get the latest updates automatically.


Apple iOS 

Download Acuity Scheduling from the App Store!

Note that the mobile app is only meant as a way to view and manage your appointments. (That means that in order to configure your account settings you'll still have to use the website.)

Acuity Scheduling in App Store



A standalone scheduling app isn't currently available for Android, but to access Acuity faster on the go you can add our icon to your mobile or tablet home screen. Here's how!

Step 1

Go to and log into your account on your Android device. When you are on the main scheduling page ( select the 3 dots in the web address bar

Step 2

Go to the menu and choose "Add to home screen".

Step 3

Select a name for your icon for the home screen.

Step 4

Check it out on the home screen. It will look like this...










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