Customize notification emails to clients by appointment type

Users on trial plans and the free plan aren't able to customize email notifications. Users on any paid plan can customize these notifications.

Use Acuity to send automated emails when clients book, reschedule or cancel, as well as reminders as appointments approach and follow-ups after the appointment takes place.

These automated emails are based on templates. When it's time for an email to go out, Acuity pulls up your template, pulls in the specific information for that appointment and client, and sends the message.

You can create multiple templates for each notification email and decide which appointment types get which template.

Access your email templates and settings at Business Settings > Email Settings. The sections on the left will let you pick which of your notifications you want to customize. 

Using multiple email templates

By default, each of the notification emails, except follow-up emails, has one template, which is used for all appointment types. (By default, Acuity doesn't send follow-up emails, so that template is blank.)

To add a new template:

  • Go to Business Settings > Email Settings.
  • On the left, click on one of the types of notification emails.
  • Click the +Add New Template button.


  • Select the appointment types that should trigger this new template. You can choose one appointment type or multiple appointment types.
  • Click the Save New Template button. You will then see multiple templates listed on the left side of the activity window. (On the left side of the settings you're editing, but just to the right of the lefthand navigation bar.)
  • Edit the template to customize it however you want.
  • Click the Save Template button at the bottom.


You can also add and remove appointment types from template groups by clicking and dragging or using the cog icon to select a different group (or make the appointment type inactive for notifications).


To delete a template:

  • Move all of the appointment types in the template group you want to delete to other template groups.
  • Click the Remove this template link that appears.

Note: You cannot remove the very first template group. Copy another template to the first template group, move all the associated appointment types to the first template group and delete the other template.

To avoid sending notification emails for a specific appointment type:

If you don't want clients who schedule specific types of appointments to receive a notification, you can add that appointment type to the "Inactive Types" box for each notification that you do not want to send. Either click and drag the appointment type name, or use the cog wheel on the right of the appointment type's name and select Inactive Types. 

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