Custom Email Notifications by Appointment Type

Each appointment type can have a unique e-mail body! A default e-mail for all appointment types will be used if you did not want to customize by appointment type.

1. Select the appointment type you'd like to customize from the drop down menu next to "Customize a specific appointment type"

2. Customize the email and click "Save Template"

3. The dropdown will now read "custom e-mail" next to that appointment type. Appointment types without the "custom e-mail" will receive the default notification.

This can be done for all appointment notifications (confirmation, reminder, follow-up, cancellation and rescheduling email).

Revert to the default email from a custom email

If you change your mind and want to revert back to the default template for your notification emails, you can totally do that with a couple clicks and a scroll!

Choose the custom email you'd like to revert back to the default template >scroll to the bottom of the page > and click Use Default Template.

Check it out here:


The custom email will revert back to the default template and your custom email from that appointment type will be deleted. Keep in mind, if you've previously customized the default email, deleting the custom template will revert to the current default email template. 

Interested in turning off custom emails? Check out this article next!


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