Customize Notification Emails to Clients by Appointment Type

You can customize your e-mail templates by appointment type - or group appointment types together to use a shared template. You can also deactivate appointments from receiving notifications - it's entirely up to you!  

Access your Notification Email templates and settings at Business Settings > Email Settings. The tabs across the top of the page will let you pick which of your notifications you want to customize. 

Creating Template Groups

If you want to use the same template for all of your appointment types - no problem! 

But, if you have a similar message/template that you'd like to use for several appointment types.  Or, you have one appointment type that needs it's own very specific notification, then creating template groups will be just the ticket! 

Template groups can be created for the Initial Confirmation, Reminder, Cancelation, and Rescheduling notifications.

To get started:

  • Select the notification that you'd like to create a template group for from the tabs at the top of Business Settings > E-mail Settings.
  • Click on the +Add New Template button and select the appointment types that you'd like to group together to use the same template. Or, if you need a specific template for one type, select only that appointment type
  • Click on the Save New Template button
  • This will add a new template group where you can customize the subject line and email body as needed.

See it in action here:




You can also add and remove appointment types from template groups by clicking and dragging or using the cog icon to select a different group (or make the appointment type inactive for notifications).




Don't want to send notifications for specific appointment types?

If you don't want clients who schedule specific types of appointments to receive a notification, you can add that appointment type to the "Inactive Types" box for each notification that you do not want to send.  Either click and drag the appointment type name, or use the cog wheel on the right of the appointment type's name and select Inactive Types.



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