Notifications for You & Your Clients

Appointment Notifications can be sent to your clients to keep clients informed about their appointment and reduce no-shows! Head over to Email Settings to set these up and customize them to your heart's content. You'll also find settings for Text/SMS notifications under your Reminders*. 

  • Initial Confirmation
  • Reminders (up to 3 emails and 1 text message*!)
    • More on Text messages here!
  • Cancellation
  • Rescheduling
  • Follow-up
  • Package/Gift Certificate Order
  • Subscription Paid
  • Subscription Canceled

*Text message reminders are only available on the Growing Business and Powerhouse Player Plans. 

What Notifications are Sent, & Who's Getting What?

Clients will receive:

  • An email confirming their appointment either if they are booked by you on the admin side, or from the Client's Scheduling Page by your client
  • Up to three reminder emails before their appointment at a time frame that you designate
  • A follow-up email after their appointment if you have that feature enabled
  • An email if the appointment is cancelled or rescheduled.

The admin will receive:

  • An email notification when an appointment is scheduled, canceled, or rescheduled. 
  • You can enable the reminder to go out to the admin and anyone listed under the calendar settings
  • E-mails are sent to the main user for the account.

If you want more than one admin to get notified when someone books, reschedules or cancels on an Acuity calendar you can list other addresses in the email field within the Settings for that calendar. You can find the settings by going to Business Settings->Availability & Calendars, and then clicking on the Settings tab next to the calendar you'd like to send notifications for. Multiple e-mails can be listed there separated by commas. This is also true for phone numbers.

What these notifications say can be changed under E-mail Settings.

Not Getting Notifications? 

If you or the client didn't receive an e-mail check your junk/spam mail folder to see if it was misclassified there. You can also check a log on the appointment for when e-mails were sent, viewed, or if they were dropped.

Resend Initial Confirmations

If the confirmation e-mail was successfully delivered to the client during booking, then the confirmation cannot be resent. If the client lost their confirmation e-mail you can send them the link to their confirmation page. That's the link where they go to view and manage their appointment.  You can find the link for that after clicking on an appointment, then choosing "Client's Confirmation Page" option from the cog menu.

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If a client's email is being bounced then you'll see a little triangle error icon next to the client's email in the appointment details.

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If the confirmation email to the client bounced, or if your email was input initially at booking, you can trigger the confirmation email to be sent out.  This can only be done for upcoming appointments, not past appointments.  To do this, click the "Edit" button in the details for the appointment you'd like to re-send the confirmation for, edit in the correct email address, and click "Save Changes".  Once the email has been updated a box will appear above the appointment details asking if you'd like to resend the confirmation.  

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Want to Customize your Notification Emails? You can! Check out our guide here for more details!


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