Create Client Intake Forms & Agreements

We offer the ability to build custom forms to gather info from clients before they come in for their appointment.  We'll ask the basics already –– first name, last name, phone number, and email. But any other questions are up to you!

  • Intake forms must be created within Acuity rather than uploading pre-existing documents. That way, we know what kind of questions to ask and can save them in a client’s history.  
  • If you'd prefer not to build new forms you do have the option to include a link to your pre-existing forms into your confirmation and reminder emails for clients to access after scheduling. 
  • Mark forms as “Internal Use Only” to keep track of private client and appointment info like SOAP notes or images. 

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You can ask as many questions as you want in each form, but the question itself is limited to 250 characters. The description of the form is unlimited though!

Here are the types of answers you can opt for in your forms:

  • Single Line of Text: Clients can enter a short amount of text. This is ideal for single word or one sentence answers.
  • Multiple Lines of Text: This is great for longer answers, like multiple sentences or paragraphs
  • Drop Down List: Select this option to allow clients to choose from a provided list of responses.
  • Checkbox: This is used when only a single check is needed. If it’s marked as required, clients must check it to schedule an appointment.
  • Checkbox List: Pick this to allow for multiple options to be chosen from a list.
  • Yes/No Choice: Use this option for yes or no answers.
  • File Upload: This option is available for paid Acuity users, and allows clients to upload pictures, documents, or other file types (up to a 5mb limit).
  • Address: With this option, clients can enter an address and see it on a map. When you view appointments in Acuity, you’ll see their address labeled on a map, and if your appointments sync to another calendar (like iCal or Google), the address entered by the client will be listed as the location for the appointment. (You can also reference this in your Email Templates with %location%).

You can review submitted forms in the individual appointment details or in a client’s history. Clients can also register for an account to pre-fill their previous form answers for future bookings. 

Have terms & conditions, waivers, disclaimers, or an agreement?

We recommend creating a new form and entering your terms in the form description. Then, add a required single line field for clients with a call-to-action like, “Enter your initials to certify that you agree to our terms & conditions” or a single check box indicating that they’ve agreed.

You can also put links into your form description, or the question, if you'd like to link to terms and conditions on your own website instead! Pasting a url (including the `http://`) will turn it into a clickable link either in the form description or question field. In the form description you can also get even fancier and enter HTML if you wanted!

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Deleting a Form

Deleting forms won’t affect any previously booked appointments or client information. All previously answered form questions will remain within your client profiles. It will, however, prevent future clients from filling out the form.  If you’d like to delete a form, just scroll down to the bottom of the form page and click the “Delete” button.

Only want to ask form questions to new clients?

Each appointment type can have its own set of forms assigned to it, which clients will be asked to fill out each time they book an appointment. If you only want to ask questions to new clients, we’ve got a workaround for you! Create a “New Client” appointment type (or types), and only assign forms to new client appointments. This way, existing clients can avoid re-answering the same intake questions during booking.

Where do I see the answers my clients gave to my input forms?

 All you have to do to see the answers your clients gave to your forms is go to your Client List, under Appointments > Client List

...then click on any client name, and on the right side of the screen you should be able to see your client information.

Amongst that info you should also be able to see the answer they gave to your intake forms..!

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