What's the difference between availability for Regular Weekly Hours and Override Hours for Specific Days?

Set Regular Business Hours

Regular Weekly Hours are the hours you regularly offer every week. Being open from 9 am to 5 pm every weekday is an example of regular weekly hours. Leaving a day blank in this section will mark you as closed (such as for weekends).


If you have regular weekly hours, but there's a specific day on which you need to deviate from your normal hours, you can enter that information into the Override Hours for Specific Days section.

The hours from your regular weekly hours will be displayed here by default. When you change hours on a specific day in this section, it overrides the hours in your regular weekly hours for that day only. So, if you wanted to be closed on June 19, your Override Hours for Specific Days section would look like this:


Specific, Non-Regular Business Hours

If you don't work regular hours, unchecking the box next to I have regular hours every week, then click Save, switch to specific days.

The Regular Weekly Hours section will disappear. Your days in the Override Hours for Specific Days section will default to closed.

Then, click on individual days to enter the hours you will be available.


If you need a little bit of both styles for setting up your appointments, check out our guide to setting up Availability by Type.

Video Tutorial

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