What's the difference between availability for "Regular Hours" and "Specific Days"?

Set Regular Business Hours

Regular hours are the hours you regularly offer each day of the week, every week. Leaving hours blank on certain days (like the weekends!) will mark you as closed for those days and your clients will not be able to schedule on days that are not included in your regular hours.

If you have hours that deviate from your regular hours that you've set, you can click on that day and delete or modify the hours. If you delete hours from a regularly scheduled day, it will show as "Closed" on your calendar's regular hours view.


To change hours for a certain day––like opening up on a Sunday when you're typically closed, for example––scroll down to the calendar under "Availability for Specific Days" and click the particular Sunday you'd like to add availability for, then make your edits.

Specific, Non-Regular Business Hours

If you don't work regular hours, unchecking the box for "This calendar has regular hours every week" will make all of your days unavailable by default.  Then, you can pick and choose the exact dates and times you’re available by clicking on specific calendar dates. Day blocks that you do not enter in hours will show as closed on your Client's Scheduling Page, and greyed out in your admin view.


If you need a little bit of both style for setting up your appointments, check out our guide to setting up Availability by Type!

We made a handy screencast to give you a more in-depth look at the whole process. To jump straight to Regular Weekly Hours vs. Only Specific Days, start at 1:40.

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