How do I set up a series of classes or a multi-day workshop?

Creating a Class Series

To create a group class/event that lasts for several days, get started by creating a new class in your Appointment Types settings. Then follow the next steps:

1.Click on the "+New Type of Group Class" button


2. Name the class and set the duration. This duration is how long the class lasts on a single day.
3. Enter the price for the complete series. This price is how much all the classes together are.
4. Set the max number of people that can sign up.
5. Check the box next to “Clients must sign up for all the times this is offered” to automatically sign up clients for all days the series takes place at:


6. Save by clicking the final "Create Appointment Type" button.

Offering Dates in the Class Series

After you've saved, you can choose which dates the classes are offered by clicking the "Offer Class" button in the column to the right of the screen.




Here you can enter in the dates and times the class occurs on. You can even enter in recurring times for a class that repeats! :

  1. Choose the calendar the class will be booked on (if you have multiple calendars in your account.
  2. In the dropdown under "Offered At" choose the date the class starts, then enter in the time
  3. Click on recurring to choose how often the class date repeats
  4. Click "Save Classand a list of the dates the class occurs on appears



*A couple of Pro-tips:

  • This full set up will need to be repeated for each set of classes, courses or workshops you'd like to offer, even if it is the same subject. A new class appointment type and set of classes need to be created. 
  • After a series has started or ends you can mark the appointment type as "Private" to hide it from the scheduling page. 
  • Once a series starts clients cannot jump into it. The admin can add the client to each class individually though. 
  • If a client cancels they will be canceling every class. Cancelation cannot happen after the first class takes place

Scheduling a Class Series — how it looks to the client

When clients go to book the appointment from your scheduling page, they’ll instantly be signed up for every class date offered within the series.

Each date/time in the series will display as a list once it's selected by the client:


Once the first class has taken place, clients will no longer be able to sign up for the class from your scheduling page (since they wouldn’t be able to attend all classes).

No worries, though––we’ve got a loophole! To book a client into a class that’s already begun, you can do so by scheduling the client into the particular class date on the admin side of Acuity:

  1. Go to your appointment calendar and click on the class
  2. Click on "+ Attendee" and enter in the client's information to schedule them



Why does the client's class details look like only a portion of it was paid for?

When clients schedule and pay for a class series the paid amount will appear split between the number of classes the client is booked into.

For example: Billy Bob signed up for an Aroma Therapy workshop that occurs over 3 recurring days.  The 3 day series cost $300, which he pays for in full when he booked from the scheduling page.

When we check Bill's specific class details for the first date of the workshop -- either from the admin appointment calendar or the client's history in your client list -- the Payment section will read that the total price of the appointment is $300.00. Beneath that it'll show -$100 (1 of 3) Paid while there is $0.00 owed.

That is letting you know this appointment is part of a 3 part series. The paid amount for the whole 3 day workshop was evenly split between all 3 workshop dates Bill is signed up into.




Looking to set up a regular class or group event? Click here to check out our help article on how to set that up!

Note: Classes and group events are only available on our paid plans. To upgrade, go to your My Account section in Acuity!

Alternative Solution

If the above doesn't jive with your workflow, ie too much work for the admin and messy for the client the below option might be a good fit. This is the idea--

  • Create class appointment type, but do not select "clients must sign up for all times offered"
  • Offer only the first class in the series or session set
  • Include details of the series, including the number of weeks, days of the week and any other pertinent info in
    • Appointment description
    • Confirmation Message
    • Confirmation and Reminder emails
  • The client will book into the first session only. With the details given above they will understand that they are booking into all times.

    Like any workaround there are drawbacks-- the client will receive reminders for the first session only, but if this is a regular part of your business it may save you, and the client, a load of time and confusion!



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