Recurring Appointments

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Scheduling a recurring appointment for the client on the admin side 

  1. Begin scheduling the appointment, such as by clicking on a time on the appointment calendar or by using the New > New Appointment buttons.
  2. Choose the appointment type, calendar (if you have more than one), and date/time.
  3. Click the Recurring button. 
  4. Choose how often you’d like the appointment to recur. (Or select Chose another date.)
  5. Select the number of times you’d like the appointment to occur.
  6. Click "Add Times."




Note: If one or more of the appointments you schedule interferes with another appointment, is outside of your available hours, or is too far in advance for your Scheduling Limits, it will show up in red (as seen below). This is a warning and does not actually prevent you from scheduling. You will be given the option to remove those dates/times or go through with booking them anyway.


Scheduling a recurring appointment on the Client's Scheduling Page

    1. Clients can schedule their own recurring appointments by selecting the appointment type, calendar (if there are multiple), and date/time of the first appointment from your scheduling page.
    2. Next, the client chooses Recurring.
    3. From here, clients can choose how often they’d like the appointment to occur, and the number of weeks they’d like to schedule. To schedule the recurring appointments, click on Add Recurring Times:


    • Or the client can click Choose additional time if they prefer to choose a recurring date not shown in the regular recurring appointment choices they see:



Disabling Recurring Appointments

Don’t want clients to be able to book recurring appointments? We've got your back. Head on over to the Scheduling Page Options section to disable them. 

Note: With recurring appointments, it's all or nothing -- this feature can be turned on or off, but cannot be assigned to specific appointment types. 

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