Setting up Availability and Scheduling Limits by Appointment Type

Here's our 15 minute webinar about setting up Availability by Type!

Luckily, in addition to setting your availability for a calendar by regular weekly hours or specific days, you can also alter those settings so that your availability is set for each appointment type (or groups of appointment types).  

Getting Started

Start in your Availability Settings. Under Business Settings > Availability click "Set different hours for certain appointment types..."and create a new appointment grouping for the types you’d like to create different availability for. After creating groups, you’re able to set availability for each of them, as well as set different limits (like the number of appointments per day for that schedule).


To move appointment types from one group to another, just click and drag them.

When an appointment type is moved into new group, it will automatically take on the same availability as the rest of the group. Each appointment grouping will display in its own calendar column from the daily view of the main calendar page, allowing you to see all availability of your appointments at once!



If a group is selected, the calendar’s availability for just that group will be displayed.



Setting Scheduling Limits for Specific Appointment Types

This feature is helpful for setting schedule limitations on specific appointment types. For example, if there’s a certain type of appointment you offer, but you only want to allow it to be scheduled one time per day, you can create an appointment group just for that type, then use the Limits feature to set your own rules.




Modify Scheduling Limits for each Appointment Type or Group of Appointments

You can also change the Scheduling Limits for just that one type or group of appointments to be different than your default Scheduling Limits on your account in this wonderful green box of many wonders. 

Click (change) to reveal this option!



When availability by type is set up for classes, classes will always be in the first grouping box, so you'd have to move all other types of appointments outside of that box to get this feature to work. 

This is what the box will look like at the top of the availability by type groupings, with classes in the first box, and all other appointment types moved the the boxes below:








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