Block Off Unavailable Time in Acuity

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Blocking time from your Appointment Calendar

  1. Click the “Block” button in the upper-right corner of your calendar
  2. Select the time frame and date to block, and on which calendar(s).


Alternatively, drag and drop to block off time from your main calendar view



Note: Blocked time will keep clients from scheduling with you via Acuity. But blocked time won't carry over into other calendars (Google, Outlook, etc.) that you've synced with your Acuity account.

Blocking time in your Availability

  1. Click and drag down directly on the calendar date in the Daily or Weekly view (this will not work in the Monthly view) to block off a certain period of time.
  2. Enjoy your time off!

Want to block time on a recurring basis?  Like every Tuesday from 12:00pm-1:00pm?  Make it a recurring block!


Need to block multiple days off in a row?  Click the "Multiple Days" box then select which days.


Blocked time will show on your calendar, and a list of all blocked time can be found under Availability, which leads us to your 3rd option to block off time.

Changing Availability on Specific Days 

      • Go to Availability Settings and scrolling down to the full calendar view > click on the days you want to be closed > and delete the hours from that day.asgif.gif
      • The day will show as Closed on the calendar, and no appointments can be booked by the client from the Client's Scheduling Page.
        • You can book from the admin side to override your blocked time settings. 
        • If you want to go back to you regular hours, click on the day marked Closed and click Switch back to regular hours...


Note: Blocks in Acuity will not sync over to Google Calendar, iCloud calendar, Outlook, Exchange, or any other outside calendars. 

Remove blocked time

To remove and delete blocked time that you have created inside Acuity (not blocked times from outside synced calendars!), follow these steps:

  1. Click on the blocked off time on your calendar
  2. Scroll down and click Delete
  3. Confirm by clicking OK!

Here's how it will look:




Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What happens to appointments if I block off time?

If you add blocked time, clients will not be able to schedule with you during that blocked time from your Client's Scheduling Page. Any appointments scheduled (prior to blocking off time) will remain on your calendar unless you manually cancel or reschedule those appointments.

You can manually override blocked time and schedule an appointment on the client's behalf from the admin side of your account.

Classes aren't affected by blocked time, because you must manually select the dates and times that they're offered.

What happens to Availability for Specific Days when I change my Regular Hours?

When you set Availability for Specific Days, the new times you've entered are overrides to your  Regular Hours. The times you see in bold in the full calendar view in your Availability settings will be the times that your clients can schedule from your Client's Scheduling Page.

If you’ve modified a day’s hours under Specific Days-- then change your Regular Hours-- those new available times will not override the times entered in Availability for Specific Days.

What happens to scheduled appointments on days that I change my hours or close Availability on Specific Days?

If you need to close or change your Availability on Specific Days, and a scheduled appointment exists in the time that you need to close (or block off time), that appointment will remain on your calendar unless you manually cancel or reschedule those appointments.

Clients will only be able to schedule new appointments from your Client's Scheduling Page for your new hours.  

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