Reschedule Appointments and Classes

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Option 1: The Reschedule Button

Select the appointment on your calendar, and in the appointment's details, click the "Reschedule" button.

Choose your alternate time and/or calendar for the appointment and click Reschedule Appointment.

Here you'll have the option to reschedule and send the client an email notification of the change, or not send the client any notification by clicking the carrot next to Reschedule Appointment:


Option 2: Drop & Drag

Click on the appointment and drag it to the newly scheduled appointment time, then confirm the change.

Here you'll also have the option to reschedule with or without sending the client a notification.

Only one appointment can be rescheduled at a time this way. If a client booked several recurring appointments that you'd like to reschedule, you'll need to cancel those, then schedule them again. You can bulk cancel recurring appointments from the client's history.

Bulk Rescheduling Classes or Regular Appointments

You can bulk reschedule both classes and appointments! Huzzah!

Bulk Rescheduling Classes

For Classes, you can do this from either from Class Details > checking the attendees you want to reschedule > then clicking "Reschedule Selected", or from Client Details by choosing Bulk Edit > checking them > and then Reschedule Selected. Dealer's choice!

When you bulk reschedule attendees of your class, you'll reschedule them to an alternate class time you have available, so be sure to have your alternate class time already created before you do you bulk reschedule!

Here's a peek at what it looks like when bulk rescheduling a class from the Class Details view:

When rescheduling, there are a few different modes: 

  • For classes, you can choose the individual classes to reschedule multiple class appointments to. If all class appointments selected were attendees in the same class, then you can reschedule all of them with a single option of the new class to move them to.

Bulk Rescheduling Regular Appointments (Not Classes!)

For regular appointments, you can adjust the time by adding/subtracting days/hours from the current one to reschedule them from the Client Details view.

  • Find the client from your Client List, and scroll to see the appointments you want to reschedule
  • Check the boxes next to the appointments you would like to reschedule or choose Select All if you want to reschedule all of their upcoming appointments
  • Click Reschedule Selected, and choose if you want to send a confirmation email or not

Also, for regular appointments, if all appointments are on the same day of week and time of day then you'll see some shortcut options to move them to a new day of week + time (similar to adding/subtracting to adjust, but you don't need to do math)!

Rescheduling Recurring Appointments

If you want to reschedule more than one type of appointment in bulk, you will have to choose each type separately in bulk and reschedule accordingly. For example, if you have a client who wants to reschedule two types of appointments that they've scheduled as recurring, you can do by by first selecting all of one type of recurring appointment and rescheduling them, then selecting all of the other type of recurring appointment and rescheduling in bulk.

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