Where can I put more information about my business, like location, a map, or other general info?

The first thing shown to clients on your Client's Scheduling Page is your Scheduling Instructions (set under Customize Appearance).  In addition to instructions, you can also include images, general information about your business, an embedded map to your location(s), and basically any other information you’d like!

Plus, each individual Appointment Type includes an option to add a longer description, which will appear right beneath the appointment type name. You’re also given the option to show a message after scheduling, which inserts content on the client’s last page of scheduling––the confirmation page.

And if you want to really cover your bases, you can also include information in your confirmation email (this can be set in the Email Settings page), or within your Intake Forms (which are shown on the second page of scheduling). Placing information in the Intake Forms is a great way to outline any policies you’d like clients to agree to, such as a cancellation policy. 


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