Changing Client's Scheduling Page Appearance

Under Client's Scheduling Page > Customize Appearance, you can:

  • Add your business name and logo.
  • Add instructions for clients into the "Scheduling Instructions" area. 
  • Customize the colors of your scheduling page.
  • Set the day of the week your calendar starts on, either a Sunday or a Monday.
  • Set the time format, either AM/PM or 24hr clock.
  • Set your time zone and whether you'd like clients to select their time zone on the scheduling page by enabling the "Auto-detect and require clients to choose their time zone" setting.

Keep in mind: You can only customize the appearance for one scheduling page. If you need to show a different logo, colors, or specific text for each of your calendars, your best bet will be to keep your scheduling page simple in Acuity, and add your images and other customizations directly to your website where your scheduler is embedded. 

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Logo: This can be either a .jpeg, .gif or .png format, and the maximum image size for your business logo is 120px high and 600px wide. If you upload a logo larger than this, it will be automatically (and proportionally) resized to fit within those dimensions.

Customizing Colors: You can adjust the colors that your scheduler will show in...make it yours!

For the Weekly template:

  • Body Background The background color of your scheduler
  • Header Text Color Your Business/Calendar Name that shows at the top of your scheduler
  • Scheduler Background The color that your actual scheduler will be (the main background behind your appointment types)
  • Scheduler Text Color The wording that shows your appointment types and instructions to the clients.  You'll want to make sure this stands out against the color you chose for your Scheduler Background color so your clients can read it easily!
  • Button/Accent Color Add that pop of color to your buttons to make the next steps stand out!

For the Daily template:

  • Button/Accent Color Add that pop of color to your buttons to make the next steps stand out! This is used throughout the design and is the only color that can be adjusted.

After you have chosen your colors of choice, you can choose the Expand Preview button (if in mobile view, click the Preview button at the bottom of your page) to see how all of your customizations look together!  Also, you'll want to ensure that the colors you chose make it easy for your clients to read the options and instructions through each step.




Scheduling Page Options:

By clicking on the Scheduling Page Options tab under Customize Appearance, you can enable or disable features on your Client's Scheduling Page:

  • Disable Recurring Appointments Don't allow clients to pick more than one time when they book their appointment.
  • Require Phone Number Require that clients enter a phone number when scheduling.
  • Disable Client Registration After clients book their appointment they can optionally register for an account to save their information for faster scheduling in the future and remember their history. Setting this will disable that by hiding the log in and register account buttons.
  • Hide Duration Hide the appointment duration from the client's scheduling page.
  • Hide Prices Hide all appointment prices on the client's scheduling page, but still require payments according to your payment settings if prices are set.
  • Services: Allow clients to book multiple spots Let clients choose the number of spots they'd like to book for services when scheduling on a calendar that allows more than one appointment at a time.
  • Classes: Allow clients to book multiple spots Let clients choose the number of spots they'd like to book for a class.
  • Calendars: Pool Availability and Automatically Pick an Available Calendar This will hide the calendar choice from clients and randomly assign an available calendar.
  • Calendars: Hide "any available" Option from Calendar List Opposite of showing combined availability, hide "any available" so clients must choose a specific calendar to book with.
  • Calendars: Prioritize Calendars with "Any Available" Instead of Random Instead of picking a random calendar that's available, prioritize calendars alphabetically so the first one will get all appointments and only when it is full will the next calendar get appointments.

After choosing the options you'd like to see on your Client's Scheduling Page, click "Save Changes". A green box will appear at the top of the window saying "Successfully Saved Changes" then it will give the option to view your scheduling page. Do it! Check it out and see how the changes you've opted for are reflected on your Client's Scheduling Page.

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Want only a few options for calendars or appointment types to show up on your scheduling page, and not all of them?

You can link directly to different appointment types, categories of types, or calendars. When that's done, only the ones you link to or embed into your website will show as available to clients. Head over to your Client's Scheduling Page > Scheduling Page Link section, and there you'll see links and embed code for your general Client's Scheduling Page, which would present all of your appointment types to your clients. You'll also see a "Show direct links for...", and using that will allow you to select any specific type, category or calendar, and the page will refresh with the links and code you can use!


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