Is there a wait list feature?

There is no built-in wait list feature in Acuity, but there are a couple different workaround options to create a waiting list for your clients. Here's how:

Option 1:  Create a new calendar in Acuity for your wait list.

  1. Create an additional Acuity calendar titled "Wait List." Assign your appointment types to it and enter the same availability as the main calendar.
  2. When a client doesn't see the appointment date/time available on your regular calendar they can then "book" an appointment on your wait list calendar from the Client's Scheduling Page.
  3. If a client cancels their appointment on your regular calendar you can consult your "Wait List" calendar to see if anyone has scheduled during the newly cancelled time.
  4. If someone has requested a newly available time, you can then reschedule their appointment to your regular calendar, at which point the client will receive a rescheduled notification, letting them know they are now scheduled. 

Multiple calendars in Acuity can be created with the Growing and Powerhouse plans. If you're not using those plans then option two below, creating a Google form, would be a better solution. Additional calendars can be created on the Availability page of your account.

Option 2: Create a Google form to collect a clients requested appointment time.  

  1. In Google, you can create a form asking clients the preferred appointment type, date, and time that's no longer available on your Acuity scheduling page, and their contact information like name and email address.
  2. When a client cancels an appointment on your calendar, you can then consult your Google form to see if anyone has requested to book during the newly cancelled time. 
  3. If someone has requested the newly available time, you can use the information collected in your Google form to book an appointment for your client on your Acuity calendar.  
  4. Once the appointment has been booked, the client will receive an appointment confirmation email letting them know their appointment is now scheduled.  

A link to the Google form can be added to your Scheduling Instructions which will show above the services you offer on your scheduling page. A message could be added to that area like "If you don't see the date/time available you'd prefer to schedule, request to be added to our wait list here: (add form link)". Clients can be easily directed over to your form from there.  Here's Google's page on creating forms, if this sounds like an option for you!

You can also choose to use our integration partner Wufoo for option 2. In Wufoo, you could create an intake form asking for the client's contact info, and the same form questions as they would answer when they book with you in Acuity.  Then, if an appointment is cancelled you could schedule the client into their requested time, and once the client is booked their answers from Wufoo will appear in the appointment details of their new appointment! Here's our guide on how that integration works, for a bit more information on that. 

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