Classes & Group Events

Classes/group events allow multiple people book an appointment for the specific times you offer.

In this guide:


General Set Up for Classes or Group Events

To create a class or group event, follow these steps. 

  1. Go to Business Settings > Appointment Types
  2. Click +New Type of Group Class at the top of the page: Image_2020-01-29_at_3.27.30_PM.png
  3. Enter in a name, duration, price, categoryimage that you want to show on your Client's Scheduling Page representing the class, choose if you want the class to be public or private, and enter in the maximum number of participants allowed to sign up for the class *.Image_2020-01-29_at_3.30.17_PM.png*This is mandatory. You cannot leave this field blank or at 0. If you do so, the class will revert to a regular, non-class appointment type on your schedule.  
  4. If you want to create a class series that requires that the the client signs up for all times offered, check the box under the Max number of people field: Image_2020-01-29_at_3.31.05_PM.png
  5. Click Create Appointment Type to save your work.
  6. Offer and schedule your class. Creating the class is the first step. Now you must add a date and time when your class is available. After the class is created, click +Offer Class on the right side of the class' page settings.      Image_2020-01-29_at_3.32.43_PM.png                                                                   Here, you can choose what calendar you want the class to appear on (if you have more than one calendar), and choose the date and time of the class. Remember to click Save Class to save your work.                               Image_2020-01-29_at_3.39.00_PM.png

    Click Recurring... to offer this class more than once, or as a series.

    If you need to offer the class at a different interval (for example: every 6 weeks) you'll want use the +Offer Class button to schedule each date individually.


Client's Scheduling Page View (what your client sees)

On your Client's Scheduling Page, classes will show in the list of appointment types. After choosing the type of class, you can view all of the times it is offered.

There is a separate class list view for the scheduling page that will show only your upcoming classes. To find this, go to Client's Scheduling Page then from the drop down instead of the General Scheduling Page choose Class List*.  

How a client sees your class offerings

  • When clients go to book a class they'll only see the times you offer it as available. When they click on a day the class is offered, the number of available spots will show (prefer to hide this? you can do so in your Scheduling Page Options).


Looking to set up a series of classes or a multi-day workshop? Click here to check out our help article on how to set that up!

FAQ About Classes & Group Events

How do I see my class schedule in my calendar?

  • Classes will display in the Daily or Weekly view of your Calendar, and you can then select the Class to view it details and a list of attendees. In Monthly view, there will be a note on the day (ex. "1 class"), and selecting the day will show the class details.
  • If you are syncing to an outside calendar (like Google, iCal, or Outlook365), each time someone has scheduled into a class in Acuity, your synced calendars will show each class attendee as an individual appointment.


Will I get a confirmation email when a client books into a class?

  • Yep!  The admin and any email addresses included under the settings for the calendar that the class is being offered on will receive notifications when clients book the class.

How do I allow my client to book more than one class spot?

How do I cancel and delete one class?

  • Click on that class to view the details of it, then choose "Delete Class" from the top. That will remove the class offering, and if any clients are registered it will cancel their appointments and email them.
  • If the class you are deleting is more than 24 hours in the past, we will not notify your clients. However, if the cancellation/deletion is within 24 hours after the class time/date, clients will still receive a cancellation email.



How do I delete multiple classes?

  • Go to Business Settings > Appointment Types.
  • Click on the Edit button to the right of the class's name. 
  • On the right side of the page, check the boxes for any dates/times you’d like to delete, then click “Delete Selected Classes” when you’re ready.
  • Just like solo class cancellations, any registered clients will receive a cancellation notification via email if the classes are in the future. Past classes that are deleted will not get notifications


  • Note: If you delete a class, it cannot be restored. You will need to reschedule and rebook any classes that are unintentionally deleted. 


Keep in mind:

  • Classes and group events are only available on our paid plans. To upgrade, go to your My Account section in Acuity.
  • If you have Availability by Appointment Type set up, classes always use the scheduling limits of Availability Group 1.
  • You can only add padding to classes after the class time.
  • Multiple spots cannot be booked when scheduling into a class series.
  • Clients are warned if they try to schedule for a class they are already attending.
  • If a class relies on a resource, it will consume one spot of the resource for the offering, even when nobody has scheduled it yet.
  • Blocked time won't keep you from scheduling a class, because you manually select the dates and times that classes are offered.
  • The "Email All Attendees" feature will not work if the class has more than 100 participants. Instead, you can head to Reports > Export and export the appointments for the date of the class. Then, you'll have all email addresses in a spreadsheet which you can then copy into your email program.
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