Coupons for Appointments and Packages

Wondering about ways to use coupons to give your clients holiday discounts and incentives? View our recorded live training here. 

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  • Clients can only use one coupon during booking. They cannot combine or stack codes.
  • Coupons must be set up by accessing Acuity through a browser. This can be a desktop or mobile browser, but they cannot be created in the mobile app.


Creating Coupons for Appointments & Packages

You can create coupons for both Appointments and Packages/Subscriptions. They function the same, but cannot be used interchangeably. For example, a coupon created for Appointments cannot be used when purchasing a Package, and vice versa.

To create coupons for Appointments, head to Business Settings > Appointment Types > Coupons. To create coupons for Packages/Subscriptions, head to Business Settings > Packages, Gift Certificates & Subscriptions > Coupons.

  • Coupon Code: what clients enter when booking to receive the discount. Click the "Enter multiple coupon codes..." link to create multiple codes.

  • Discount: either a percentage or dollar amount discount. Appointment Coupons that are good for a percentage discount apply to the entire cost of the appointment, including any add-ons the client selects. If you want the coupon to be good only for part of the base price, switch to coupons that are good for dollar amounts instead.

  • This can be used: an unlimited number of times, a custom number of times or each customer can use it once. Customers are unique for their email address, so if they redeem a certain code that can only be used once per customer, they cannot redeem it again with that same email address.
  • Code applies to: Set which types of appointments or packages/subscriptions this coupon can discount
  • Expiration date: This is the date that the coupon code can no longer be used.
    For example, if the coupon expires on December 1, that means it cannot be applied to appointments being scheduled after 12am on December 1.


To remove a coupon, edit the Coupon then choose "Delete." Once all coupons are removed in your account, then the "Redeem Coupon" field on the client's scheduling page will be removed.

If clients have paid in person via cash or check for appointments they have yet to book, you can create coupon codes to share with your clients.  All coupon codes created will be completely private, so only clients you've specifically shared coupon codes with will be able to redeem them. This way you could create a coupon for 100% off an appointment, then distribute that code to your client to book with, in order to bypass payment since they've paid in person.

Redeeming Coupons

When a client books an appointment, they can enter the coupon code by clicking the "Redeem Coupon" button on your client's scheduling page. That button is located above the services you offer, and will display only after a coupon code has been created.  

You, as the admin, can also apply a coupon to someones appointment after scheduling it by editing the appointment and entering the coupon into the "Code" field.



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