You can use the Acuity Block to embed a client scheduler visitors can use to book appointments without leaving your site! 

Step 1 - Copy your Acuity URL

To set up the Acuity Block, you'll need the URL for your online scheduling page. To copy your Acuity URL:

  1. Go to acuityscheduling.com and log into your Acuity Scheduling account.
  2. Click Client’s Scheduling Page, then click Scheduling Page Link.
  3. Click the Show direct link drop-down menu to select a scheduler type. You can embed your Client’s Scheduling Page, a specific appointment type, or a specific calendar.
  4. Under Link to Online Scheduling Page, copy the URL.



Step 2 - Add the Acuity Block

  1. In Squarespace, open a page or post editor.
  2. Click an Insert Point or the +.
  3. Select Acuity from the menu.
  4. For more detailed steps, visit Adding blocks.



Step 3 - Enter your Acuity URL

  1. In the block editor, paste your Acuity URL.
  2. After adding the URL, the scheduler will appear on the page.
  3. Click Apply to publish your changes.




Here's an example Acuity Block:



Check out Squarespace's documentation on using the Acuity block here, and as always, let us know if you have any questions!


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