Alternating hours every other week

If your schedule alternates every other week, we’ve got the tool for you. Here’s how you can set it up! 

Step 1:

In your “Availability for Specific Days” calendar in the Availability page, select the day that you want to start at, and enter the hours you’re available.

Step 2:

Next, select “until end date” and enter a date that’s 2 weeks or more from the start date.You’ll notice a checkbox for “hours every other week.” Click it!  Once you’ve entered all of the hours you’re available for that set of dates, select “Set Hours”. Once finished, the calendar should reflect an every-other-week schedule of available hours.

Step 3:

Do the same as above, but start on the alternating week and fill in your availability, making sure to check the “hours every other week” box. Then, select Set Hours again, and your alternate weeks are officially set up!

List View

You can also set alternating weeks of Availability using the List view, which is a toggle at the bottom of the Availability page. If you're in List View, here’s how to enter every other week.

Step 1:

From the list view, select the "Add Hours for Certain Date"s button. From there, you can choose a start date. As long as your end date is at least 2 weeks from the start date, you can check the “every other week” checkbox, then click save!

Step 2:

Repeat these steps for your alternate weeks and you'll be set! Select “Add Hours for Certain Dates” again, and repeat Step 1 for your alternate weeks: enter a start date, and if the end date is more than 2 weeks from the start date, you can tick the “hours every week” checkbox. Once you’ve entered your available hours, select Save Hours.

If you need an extra hand with setting alternating availability, check out the screencast below; we go over alternating availability starting at 0:45. 

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