Embedding Your Scheduler on WordPress

Install the Acuity Scheduling WordPress plugin

Within WordPress go to "Add New" plugin and search for Acuity Scheduling. After installing be sure to activate the plugin. Detailed instructions for adding a new plugin are available on WordPress's website.

Embed the scheduler into your WordPress website

After installing the plugin you can embed the scheduler into a page in WordPress with the tag:[scheduling site="https://mysite.acuityscheduling.com"]

Add the tag through the Text view instead of Visual, so WordPress doesn't turn the address for your scheduling page into a link. The "site" is the address to your standalone scheduling page, so replace https://mysite.acuityscheduling.com/ in that tag with the address to your scheduling page.


Additionally, you can embed Acuity into your WordPress using the iFrame code found in the Client's Scheduling Page by adding the iFrame to the Text box and saving your changes.

The Result will be the same for both:


Note: Currently WordPress.com doesn't allow for the embedding of 3rd party content, so Acuity cannot be embedded directly into your WordPress.com site. Wondering if your site is hosted by WordPress.com? Check your site's URL.

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