Generating Reports

You can run a number of different reports by going to Appointments > Reports:

  • Appointment Reports: This shows a summary of all booked appointments, listed by type.
  • Revenue: This reports the total revenue generated from appointments and add-ons, broken down by payment processor. 
  • Users: This shows which admins scheduled appointments, and how many were self-booked by clients. 
  • Add-ons: If you use add-ons this report will show a summary of add-ons sold and revenue from add-ons.
  • Tips: If you let clients tip while paying, this creates a list of tips from appointments scheduled on each calendar.

Under the Appointment Reports tab generated reports will also cover:

  • Total number of appointments 
  • Total duration of appointments 
  • Total price of appointments 

For these reports, you can choose certain time frames and opt for specific calendars or an account-wide report.  Plus, you can run reports on all scheduled appointments, paid vs. unpaid, and cancelled vs. no-show appointments. 

The Report will look something like this:



Add-on reports allow you to see the total amount of Add-ons purchased with appointments:



And reports can also be run by intake form, allowing you to view all answers to a particular form question:


In the Export section you can export your appointments to another program by selecting to "Export Appointments & Forms to Excel", which will generate a CSV file by date range.

The exported file will include more in depth fields, like appointment notes, client's email and phone number, and you can opt to include intake form answers in your exported file as well.  This allows you to run further reports outside of Acuity! 


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