Developer API and custom CSS

If you’ve got coding skills and the Powerhouse Player plan, the API and CSS customization can be used to extend and revamp your scheduler.

We’ve got a bunch of information available in our API Documentation.  With the API, you can retrieve all of your appointment info. You can also learn about more advanced customizations, like using CSS to alter the appearance of your account.

Custom CSS can be added in the Advanced CSS section of your Acuity account. Any changes you make to the default code will need to be maintained on your end. We're not able to offer support for advanced customizations, so tread carefully!

To revert back to the default styling, just remove your coding. If you do run into any problems after adding custom code, we recommend trying to temporarily remove your code to see if the issue is coming from changes made within there. 

Your API Key can be found under Integrations.


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