2-Way Sync

Acuity Scheduling supports 2-way syncing with Office 365, Outlook.com, and Exchange.  If you're connected to any of those in Outlook on PC or newer Outlook for Mac, then Acuity should be able to 2-way sync with your Outlook.  If not, check out our 1-way subscription.

2-way syncing adds appointments in Acuity Scheduling to your calendar and optionally blocks off time in Acuity from events on your calendar.  To get connected, head to Business Settings > Sync with Other Calendars and select the calendar you're using.

Outlook.com will sync 200 days into the future to your Acuity calendar. 

1-Way Subscription

A 1-way internet calendar subscription can be added under Business Settings > Sync with Other Calendar > 1-way Subscription.  Each version of Outlook is slightly different, but for desktop versions clicking "Subscribe to Acuity..." should open Outlook and add the Acuity subscription as a new calendar.

One-Time Export

You can export all your appointments to Outlook under Business Settings > Sync with Other Calendar > 1-way Subscription by clicking the "Link to subscribe manually..." towards the bottom.  It will save all your appointments as an ICS file. In Outlook you can go to File-->Import-->Import iCalendar (ICS) file to import all your calendar information into Outlook.

>Having Trouble?

Check out our Outlook Debugging article for common issues and solutions.

Want to Sync Multiple Calendars?

Check out our Sync with Multiple Calendar Accounts article!

More of a visual learner? Have a watch of our webinar!

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