2-Way Sync

Acuity Scheduling supports 2-way syncing with Office 365, Outlook.com, and Exchange on any paid plan. If you're connected to any of those in Outlook on PC or newer Outlook for Mac, then Acuity should be able to 2-way sync with your Outlook.  If not, check out our 1-way subscription.

2-way syncing adds appointments in Acuity Scheduling to your calendar and optionally blocks off time in Acuity from events on your calendar.  To get connected, head to Business Settings > Sync with Other Calendars and select the calendar you're using.

Outlook.com will sync 200 days into the future to your Acuity calendar. 

Keep in mind:

When you sync to Outlook, all information about the appointment will show up in the appointment's details. There is not a way to hide the details of the event information that syncs over from the Outlook calendars. If you do not want to share calendar event details, you can create a calendar in Outlook that you duplicate events to and give the events nondescript names. That way you can still block off time without giving out any specific information.

1-Way Subscription

A 1-way internet calendar subscription can be added under Business Settings > Sync with Other Calendars > 1-way Subscription.  Each version of Outlook is slightly different, but for desktop versions clicking "Subscribe to Acuity..." should open Outlook and add the Acuity subscription as a new calendar.

One-Time Export

You can export all your appointments to Outlook under Business Settings > Sync with Other Calendar > 1-way Subscription by clicking the "Link to subscribe manually..." towards the bottom.  It will save all your appointments as an ICS file. In Outlook you can go to File > Import > Import iCalendar (ICS) file to import all your calendar information into Outlook.

Check out our Outlook Debugging article for common issues and solutions.

Want to Sync Multiple Calendars?

Check out our Sync with Multiple Calendar Accounts article.

Set Automatic Reminders for your Sync in Outlook

You can set up a reminder notification in Acuity to notify you in Outlook in Sync with other Calendars > Outlook


Important things to Note: 

  • Events made in Outlook need to be deleted in Outlook. 
  • Events made in Acuity will need to be deleted in Acuity. 
  • There isn't a way to delete past events from Acuity and you'll need to disconnect and reconnect sync for those events to be removed. 

More of a visual learner? Check out our quick video tutorial!

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