Import & Export your Client List


You can import up to 5000 clients per CSV file under Appointments > Import/Export in the left-hand menu. There you can upload a CSV (comma separated value) file of your contacts. On the second page you'll verify the clients before you add them, and also select which columns correspond to the First Name, Last Name, Phone, and E-mail of the client. From there you can choose "Import" to add them to your Client List.

Learn more about exporting your contacts as a CSV file from:

Keep in mind:

  • If you have information beyond First Name, Last Name, Phone, and E-mail that you'd like to import, you can include that in a Notes column in your CSV. This information will be imported into the Client Notes section. You can only import one Notes field per client.
  • The max number of clients that can be imported at once is 5000. If you have over 5000 clients in your CSV, go ahead and split up your file and import 5k or less at a time!
  • If you need to undo an import, you can click on the "Import Clients" button to see a history of your imports; clicking on the "Undo This Import" next to one will do just that!




You can export your client list by heading to the Appointments > Import/Export section of Acuity, and clicking on the button that says "Export Client List to Excel". You can limit the export to only recent clients by clicking the arrow button to see the following dropdown menu:


This is useful for businesses who have a short term client base and want to view/email only recent ones (like a school per semester)!

The client list export will show the following information:

  • Client name
  • Client email
  • Client phone number
  • Notes on the client file
  • Days since last appointment

The exported client list can be used for your own custom reporting and also imported into many different bulk e-mailing programs. The generated file will include the client first name, last name, phone, e-mail address, client notes, and how many days since their last appointment.

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