Google Calendar Sync

Setup Syncing with Google Calendar

Let's get this syncing party started! In order to properly sync up your Google Calendar, make sure that first go to your Google Calendar Settings, and make your chosen Google Calendar set to "Make Changes AND Manage sharing" from your Google Calendar settings page so that we can add new appointments to that calendar. 

Next, in your Acuity dashboard, click Business Settings > Sync with Other Calendars,  click "Allow Access to Google Calendar". Clicking this will bring you to Google to sign in to your account. That will let you allow us to access your Google calendar and add appointments.

Click the box next to "Enable blocking off times in Acuity" to have events from Google calendar block time in your Acuity calendar.

Events from Google will display in the daily and weekly view of your calendar.

Syncing with Multiple Accounts

You can sync your Acuity account with several different calendars inside of Google by sharing them. Check out our guide to syncing multiple Google Calendars for more information about setting that up.

Canceling and Rescheduling Appointments

If an appointments is canceled or rescheduled on your Acuity calendar, the event will be removed (if canceled), or moved to its new date and time (if rescheduled) on your Google calendar. 


Keep in mind that once someone has booked a slot into a class in Acuity, each client will show up individually as a standalone event on any synced outside calendars. This is can't be modified!

Disabling Syncing

If you decide you no longer want to sync your Google Calendar, or need to sync a different Google Calendar instead, you can click Stop Syncing with Google, and your calendars will no longer sync. 



Changing your Google Password: Changing your password for Google will revoke Acuity's access to your Google calendar. If the password for Google is changed, then the sync must be reconnected in the Sync with Other Calendars page.

If calendar events or appointments aren't showing up or calendars don't appear correctly please see Debugging Google syncing help for more detailed information. 


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