Importing & Exporting Appointments

Exporting Appointments

To Export your appointments, head to Appointments > Import/Export in your Acuity account. Click "Export Appointments & Forms to Excel". 

After you click that button, you'll see the following options: 

  • Choose a date range for the export
  • Whether or not to include canceled appointments
  • Any Intake Form questions you want to be included (Note: if you select an Intake Form, only appointments with those forms attached will be included in the export!)

Once you've selected your options, click "Export Appointments to Excel" and they'll be exported as a .csv file!

Importing Appointments from Another Program

Importing Appointments can only be done by Acuity staff. You're welcome to email us a spreadsheet of the appointments you'd like imported to, we'll review the file and import it into your account. Your file must be formatted as a CSV file in 500 entry chunks. If you have more than 500 appointments, you'll need to break these down into 500 entry CSV files. 

Learn more about exporting your contacts as a CSV file from:

We can import the client's name, date/time of appointment, type of appointment, calendar, phone, email, and a notes field for any notes about the appointment.

Each row must include the following:

Payment information cannot be imported, and any canceled appointments should be removed from the file before importing.

Learn more about exporting your appointments from:

  • Full Slate: go to the Schedule tab, click ‘More’ > ‘Sync, Import & Export’ > ‘Export appointments’ > ‘Download .csv file’. Choose the date range you want and do not include canceled appointments.
  • Other:Many programs support exporting to a CSV file, if yours does you can export that and import it into Acuity Scheduling.

Keep in Mind: Importing appointments will not update the existing appointments on your calendar, it will just add new appointments into your calendar.

Importing Classes

We really can't import classes. Your clients in your classes from other scheduling tools won't be put into a class upon import, and they'll show as individual appointments on your Acuity calendar if they are imported. 

You can also Import/Export your client list! Read more on this feature here.


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