Are there any additional fees after I signup?

We charge a flat rate each month with no extra set-up or cancellation fees. For those of you with Powerhouse Player plans, you’ll be charged $10/month for each additional set of 5 calendars, but only if you have more than 36 calendars. 
If you're using our Subscriptions feature, then there is an additional 2% fee for each charge processed up to a maximum of $15/month. You'll see this charge reflected on your next monthly fee. Do note that this fee is in addition to any fees your payment processor may charge. You can read more about Subscriptions here
Before adding your first Subscription, you'll need to check a box acknowledging that you're aware of the extra fee for using that feature. 

Here's what that looks like:
Payment processors like PayPal and Stripe will charge a small fee for accepting payments––usually something like 30 cents + 2.9% per transaction, but Acuity charges no added account fees.  
All text messages sent by Acuity to your clients are free for you, and we at Acuity don't charge fees for text messages. Standard messaging rates apply for your clients receiving the text messages!
You can read more about payment options in this article.



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