Disable Email Notifications for Specific Appointment Types

Email notifications can be turned off by appointment type for each type of notification.

If all appointment type custom emails are disabled, it will disable that notification entirely. This can be done by choosing each appointment type from the drop down menu aside "Update Email for..." Then clicking the Turn E-mail Off button in the lower right of the email template window. 

The drop down menu will now read "disabled" next to that appointment type email!


*Note: Email notifications can be turned off by appointment type. The default email template cannot be disabled. If you have a single appointment type only, you'll want to add another type in order to access this feature.

Don't Want Reminder Emails to be Sent?

We hear you, reminders aren't for everyone. The quickest way to disable reminder emails will be to change the number in the Send this reminder to clients __ hours before their appointment field in your Email Settings > Reminders tab a huge number -- one that we'll never get to in the foreseeable future of our planet! Put in something like 9999999 (just lay on the 9 key!). That way, your clients won't be bothered by reminders. 

Want to customize your email notifications? Head here to find out how to!

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