Disable Email Notifications for Specific Appointment Types

Want to have emails sent out for some appointments but not for all? No sweat. We've got you covered.

Just head to your Email Settings and click on the tab for the notification you want to edit. You will see all of your lovely appointment types down the left-hand side of the page. Just click and drag your chosen appointment type into the Inactive Types group.



If you prefer, you can also click the cog icon next to the appointment type, select "Inactive Types", and click "Save Changes".




Boom! You just disabled an email notification for a certain appointment type. Feels good, huh?


*Good info to note:

  • When an email is disabled for an appointment type, it will be disabled for the admin as well as the client. No notification for that type of appointment will be sent out
  • If the appointment type email is disabled the text message (if that is in use on your account) will also be disabled



Want to customize your email notifications? Head here to find out how to!

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