Sending reminder notifications (email and/or texts) to clients and admin

You can choose when you'd like your reminders to be sent out in Business Settings > Email Settings > Reminders. Could be hours or days before a scheduled appointment, it's up to you! Reminder emails and texts can only be sent out 1 hour or greater -- they cannot be sent out at less than 1 hour before the appointment!

Clients can receive up to three e-mail reminders, and one text message reminder prior to their appointment, as long as valid e-mail and phone numbers are included when scheduling.

As the admin, you can receive text reminders by enabling that option in the E-mail Settings > Reminders page after you've entered your phone number into your Calendar Settings.  This will allow you to receive a text message whenever an appointment is scheduled, rescheduled, or canceled, and prior to appointments taking place.

You can check if a text message was sent by selecting "View all changes and notifications" from within an appointment's details. That "changelog" contains any changes to the appointment, including when e-mails and text messages were sent.

The text reminder can be enabled under E-mail Settings > Reminders. Check out the screenshot below to see where to enable the reminder text and add additional reminders. The first reminder listed is the one that can also include a text reminder; any additional reminders will be e-mails only, but the timing set for each can be in any chronological order.

What is the SMS Character Limit?

The character limit for a single SMS message is 160 characters, however most modern phones and networks support concatenation and will segment then rebuild messages up to 1600 characters.

When you send a SMS message over 160 characters the message will be segmented into 153 character segments and sent individually then rebuilt by the recipients device. For example a 161 character message will be sent as two messages, one with 153 characters and the second with 8 characters.

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All text messages sent by Acuity to your clients are free for you, and we at Acuity don't charge fees for text messages. Standard messaging rates apply for your clients receiving the text messages!


Take a little deeper look into the magical world of Text Reminders here!

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