Follow-up Emails

Acuity allows you to send one automatic follow-up e-mail after each appointment. You can choose what the email says, when the e-mail goes out and whether it goes to everyone or only to those clients who haven’t booked another appointment.

On the E-mail Settings > Follow-up page, you can set how many days after an appointment follow-up notifications are sent to clients.

  • It can be sent anywhere from 1 to 365 days after a client's appointment.
  • You can also enter fractional days
    • for example, enter 0.25 to send follow-ups 6 hours after the appointment
      • The minimum value is 0.01 days, which is approximately 14 minutes

The follow-ups are sent the same time of day as the past appointment. So, if the follow-up notification set to be sent 1 day after the appointment, and the appointment was on Tuesday at 1:00pm, the notification will be sent on Wednesday at 1:00pm.

You customize the content of the e-emails by editing the template. This article has more information on how to customize a template in Acuity.

Note: When you first enable follow-up e-mails, the template will be blank. Acuity will not automatically send the follow-up emails unless you add content to the template.

Remove appointment types from getting a follow-up

If you don't want follow-ups to be sent for all appointment types, you can drag and drop appointment types from the column on the left into the Inactive Types box. Have a look:


Appointment types dragged to the Inactive Types box will not have follow-up emails sent to them. 

Create a follow-up template for a specific group of appointments

If you want to group your appointment types so that each group gets sent the same follow-up email, you can do that by clicking Add New Template at the top of the column on the left. Have a look:




Class Series

A follow-up email is sent out after each class time within a class series as well!

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