Follow-up Emails

Acuity allows users of paid plans to send automatic follow-up emails after each appointment. Users on the Emerging plan can send one email after each appointment. Users with Growing or Powerhouse plans can send up to six follow-up emails. You can choose what the email says, when the email goes out and whether it goes to everyone or only to those clients who have not booked another appointment.

On the Email Settings > Follow-up page, you can set how many days after an appointment follow-up notifications are sent to clients.

  • It can be sent anywhere from 1 to 365 days after a client's appointment.
  • You can also enter fractional days.
    • For example, enter 0.25 to send follow-ups 6 hours after the appointment.
    • The minimum value is 0.01 days, which is approximately 14 minutes.

The delay is counted from the appointment's start time. So, if the follow-up notification is set to go out one day after the appointment, and the appointment was on Tuesday at 1:00 p.m., the notification will be sent on Wednesday at 1:00 p.m.

You can customize the content of the emails by editing the template. (By default the follow-up email template is blank.) This article has more information on how to customize a template in Acuity.

Note: When you first enable follow-up emails, the template will be blank. Acuity will not automatically send the follow-up emails unless you add content to the template.

Prevent follow-up emails for an appointment type

If you don't want follow-ups to be sent for an appointment type, you can drag and drop the appointment type from the column on the left into the Inactive Types box. Have a look:


Appointment types dragged to the Inactive Types box will not get follow-up emails.

Create a custom follow-up email for a specific group of appointments

If you want to group your appointment types and send each group a different follow-up email, you can click Add New Template at the top of the column on the left. Have a look:



Send follow-up emails only if the client has not booked another appointment

This setting is located near the top of the Follow-up tab, just below the setting that controls how long Acuity waits before sending a follow-up email.

Before sending the follow-up email, Acuity checks for later appointments, including upcoming appointments and any between the date of the appointment and the date the notification would be sent.

This means that if several appointments have happened, but there are no upcoming appointments, Acuity will only send the follow-up email after the last appointment.

(Pro tip: we’ll check just before sending the email!)

You are still able to control whether an appointment type gets a follow-up email or not. But the setting is account-wide and will apply to every appointment type that has follow-up emails enabled.


Class Series

A follow-up email is sent out after each class time within a class series, unless the option to send a follow-up email only if there is not another scheduled appointment is selected. 

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