Set Your Time Zone

The time zone for your Acuity account can be set under Customize Appearance. Here you can also require clients to verify their time zone when scheduling. 

If clients are not required to enter a time zone, all available times on your scheduling page will be listed in YOUR time zone. 


If clients are required to enter a time zone, then we’ll try to detect which time zone they’re in, ask them to confirm, then show all times in their time zone on your scheduling page. 


After a client picks a time zone, your availability will be converted into their selected time zone, and all email notifications the client receives will be converted into their selected time zone as well. Notifications sent to the admin on the account will always be in the business time zone, regardless of what the client selects.

Once an appointment is booked, the time zone cannot be edited, as it would affect the time of the appointment. To change the time zone on an appointment you will need to cancel the existing appointment, then schedule a new appointment with the correct time zone selected.


Can I set a different time zone on each calendar in my account? 

Each Acuity account at the Free, Emerging, and Growing levels can only be set to one time zone.

If you would like to set up time zones per calendar, you can upgrade to Powerhouse, and assign a different time zone to each calendar!

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