Accepting Payments in your Acuity Account

We offer a whole bunch of ways for you to accept credit cards to secure bookings. Only one payment processing account can be connected to each Acuity account. 

Head over to Payment Settings to set up one of the following options:

  • PayPal: Enter the email address you use to login to your PayPal account. When using PayPal as your processor any additional payments would need to take place outside of Acuity and can only be processed by the client after they are redirected to log into PayPal.
  • Stripe: Click “Connect with Stripe” or copy your live secret API key to accept payments. Stripe allows clients to pay with their credit card without straying from Acuity. It also allows you to capture a credit card number without charging it –– the perfect solution for charging in the event of a no-show. You can also offer both Paypal and credit card payments via Stripe with the “Both Stripe and PayPal” payment option.
  • Square: Click “Connect to Square” and enter your information. If you’re already connected to a Square account and need to switch, choose “Connect to a different Square account” and login to the appropriate account. Square readers will not work inside Acuity & all credit card info will have to be manually entered. 
  • Copy your API Login and API Transaction Key to accept payments.With this option, clients can pay with their credit card directly within Acuity. 
  • Braintree: Copy your Merchant ID, Public Key, and Private Key from your Braintree API Keys. If you’re using a merchant account ID to accept a different currency, you can include that in the merchant ID field by listing the merchant ID, a colon, then the account ID. Here’s an example: MERCHANT_ID:MERCHANT_ACCOUNT_ID

Payment Requirements

  • Require full payment: With this option, clients are required to pay in full when booking an appointment.
  • Require a deposit $: This allows clients to either pay the full price or a fixed price for a deposit.
  • Require a deposit %: This allows clients to either pay the full price or a percentage of the price as a deposit.
    • When “Require a Deposit” is selected, you’ll also have the option to allow clients to pay the full price up front by checking the “Also give clients the option to pay the full amount in advance” button. If unchecked, clients will only be able to pay the deposit price when booking an appointment.

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  • Payment is optional:  Clients choice! Pay the full price or skip payment during the booking process. 
  • Require a valid credit card, but don't charge:  This option is only available for Stripe, Square, and Braintree. But man, is it useful! This way, clients will enter a credit card number, but not pay anything up front during the booking process. This will ensure that their credit card is valid and add it to their client profile in Acuity, as well as their Customer list (for Stripe users). You can then charge it later, if necessary. 
    • The client will see a $1 charge on their card (uncaptured), which is used for validation purposes, but it’ll be released from Stripe after 7 days. 
    • Like deposits, when selecting “Require a valid credit card, but don’t charge,” you’ll have the option of allowing clients to pay in full. 
  • Payment is different for each appointment type... Select this if you want to set different payment requirements for each appointment type. 

Want people to pay for a bundle of appointments all at once? Check out Appointment Packages

Appointment packages can be set up within Packages & Gift Certificates.

There, you can set a fixed price for a number of appointments. When clients purchase a package, they’ll receive a code which they can redeem for appointments. Their appointment balance will automatically be tracked in the View Orders page. It’s pretty convenient, if we do say so ourselves. You can also generate codes to hand out on your own by hitting the “Add Code” button when editing a package.
Clients are always required to pay the full price up front for appointment packages during the checkout process. If you’d prefer not to collect the entire amount up front, you can set up the package price you’d like at the time of purchase, then add into the package description the full price clients will need to pay at the time of their appointment.

How does a client pay for the rest of their appointment when they have paid a deposit?

Acuity will not automatically charge clients for the remainder of their appointment. The remainder will have to be paid manually by the client, or charged manually as the admin*.

For the client to pay the remainder of their balance, they’ll need to select “Change/Cancel Appointment” in their confirmation or reminder emails, which will bring them to a confirmation page. This page has a button that allows clients to pay the remainder.

As the admin, you can charge their remaining balance by clicking on their appointment from your calendar view, followed by the “Make a Payment” link. From there, you’ll be able to manually charge the client’s appointment balance. 
*When using PayPal as your processor any additional payments would need to take place outside of Acuity.  Only when using Stripe, Square, Braintree, or will clients and admin be able to pay the remaining appointment balance.  
A Bit More About Payment Options in Acuity
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