Deleting a calendar

Note: Deleting a calendar is only possible on plans that allow multiple calendars (Growing or Powerhouse).

To delete a calendar:

  • Go to Business Settings > Availability.
  • Click on the Calendar Settings button of the calendar that you're interested in.
  • The red Delete Calendar button will be at the bottom right.

Warning: Appointments that are on a calendar you delete will remain in the system, but will not be accessible from the daily view on the appointment calendar. We strongly recommend rescheduling to another calendar or cancelling any upcoming appointments on a calendar before deleting it.

Keep in mind:

  • Deleting a calendar permanently deletes all contact information, locations, settings and similar information for the calendar.
  • If appointments from the deleted calendar are not rescheduled or cancelled, clients will still receive notifications for the upcoming appointments.
  • If you have deleted a calendar without rescheduling or cancelling all appointments that were left on that calendar, contact support. Depending on when you contact us, we may be able to restore some of your data.
  • Appointments from deleted calendars are still accessible through the client list, calendar weekly view, or calendar monthly view, and they are still counted when Acuity displays the number of appointments on a given day in the appointment calendar.
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