Add-ons: Adding on extra services & time to appointments

You can use add-ons to offer additional services to clients and/or add extra time to the appointment during the scheduling process.

In this guide:


Create an Add-on

Head to Business Settings > Appointment Types and choose the Add-ons tab.

  1. Click the Add new Add-On button and name the add-on
  2. Optionally check the box next to "Hide this from clients" to hide the add-on from your scheduling page. Hidden add-ons will still appear as an option if the admin books the appointment.
  3. Check the boxes next to which appointment(s) the add-on applies to
  4. Enter how much additional time is added to the end of the appointment (Optional)
  5. Enter additional cost incurred if clients choose this add-on. (Optional)


If you’re offering an add-on that requires no additional time or fees, leave the Additional Price and Added Duration fields at zero.

* Add-ons can affect the price of group classes, but cannot change duration.
* Coupons that are good for a percentage discount apply to the entire cost of the appointment, including any add-ons the client selects. If you want the coupon to be good only for part of the base price, switch to coupons that are good for dollar amounts instead.

Editing Add-ons

Edit your already created Add-ons under Business Settings > Appointment Types and choose the
Add-ons tab. Hover over the name of the add-on you'd like to edit then click on the pencil icon that appears to edit and the trash can to delete.



You can also edit add-ons from Business Settings > Appointment Types  and edit an appointment type. Then click on the Add-ons tab to see the list of Add-Ons. The add-ons available with that particular appointment type checked off.


Apply multiple add-ons to appointments from this page by checking the box(es) next to the other add-ons in your list.

What Does it Look like for my Clients?

When clients book an appointment, they’ll choose the appointment type, then will have the option to add-on additional services or products. Clients are not required to select an add-on when scheduling. If multiple appointments are booked at once (such as recurring appointments), all of the appointments will have the add-on applied.


Where do Add-ons Appear when the Admin Books an Appointment?

When you schedule an appointment for a client from the admin side, the add-on will appear as soon as the appointment type is chosen. Only add-ons that are applied to this appointment type will be appear under the appointment type name dropdown, including hidden add-ons.



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