Add-ons: Adding on extra services & time to appointments

You can use add-ons to offer additional services to clients and/or add extra time to the appointment during the scheduling process.

To do this, head to Business Settings > Appointment Types and choose the Add-ons tab. When creating an add-on, you'll set the name of the add-on, which appointment(s) the add-on applies to, how much additional time is added to the appointment and the additional cost incurred if clients choose an add-on. If you’re offering an add-on that requires no additional time or fees, just leave these fields at zero. 

For classes, you can offer add-ons that affect the price of the appointment but not the duration.

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When clients book an appointment, they’ll choose the base appointment type, then will have the option to add-on additional services or products. If multiple appointments are booked at once (such as recurring appointments), all of the appointments will have the add-on applied. 


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Once your Add-on is created, you can click to Edit > Add-on tab for each appointment type to choose to add that Add-on to each appointment type.  

Keep in Mind: If there are add-ons selected on an appointment type  and the appointment type price is lowered that won’t affect the prices of the add ons, only the base appointment type

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