Setting Up Your Scheduling Limits

The Scheduling Limits section exists so that you can set your own booking restrictions, including:

  • How far in advance clients can book appointments on your scheduling page.
  • How far before a booked appointment clients can reschedule/cancel.
  • How often appointments will be offered on your scheduling page.
  • Whether or not clients have access to reschedule or cancel their own appointments. 
  • Whether or not clients are able to edit intake forms after scheduling.

Best page ever, right?  To access your Scheduling Limits page, go to Availability > Scheduling Limits.


If you have more than one calendar in your account, go to Availability & Calendars > Scheduling Limits; it will be the second tab, next to Calendars


Scheduling New Appointments

You are able to control how close to an available appointment time a client can book an appointment by adjusting the line that reads "Prevent clients from scheduling new appointments less than ___ hours in advance"

The "more than _____ days in the future" area indicates how far into the future clients can book with you.  If it's set to 365 days, then clients can book appointments with you a full year in advance.  But you can set this number to however many days you prefer. So if you’d like appointments scheduled no longer than a month in advance, for instance, you could set the field to 31 days. 

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Canceling or Changing Appointments

You can prevent how close to an upcoming appointment a client is able to cancel or reschedule with the  "Prevent canceling or changing appointments less than _____ hours in advance" line.  If you don’t want clients changing appointments with less than a day’s notice, for example, you’d want to set it to 24 hours. But if you’d prefer that clients can cancel or reschedule at any time, no matter how close to the appointment’s  start time, set this area to 0. It's up to you!

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Appointment Time Intervals

The “Display start times for appointments every ___ minutes” area allows you to set how often you’ll offer appointments on your Client’s Scheduling Page. If your availability is set from 9am-5pm and appointments are offered every 60 minutes, then appointments will be available on your scheduling page on the hour. However, if you set it to a shorter time––say, 15 minutes––appointment times will be available starting at 9:00am, 9:15am, 9:30am, etc. 

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Finally, you can choose whether or not clients have the option to reschedule or cancel their appointments after booking, and whether they're able to edit intake forms after booking. 

If the boxes for "Allow clients to reschedule their own appointments" and "Allow clients to cancel their own appointments" are checked, then clients will be able to cancel or reschedule their appointments––but only up until the time set in the “Prevent canceling or changing appointments” line!.

In order to cancel or reschedule, clients will need to use the "Change/Cancel Appointment" link in their notification emails. This will direct them to their appointment confirmation page, where they’ll find options in the form of buttons marked "Reschedule" and "Cancel". Once the limit has passed for when they’re able to make changes to an appointment, a message will display on the appointment confirmation page saying “Changes to this appointment can no longer be made online.” 

Checking the “Allow clients to edit intake forms questions after booking” box will allow clients to edit their intake form questions after scheduling. This can also be found on their appointment confirmation page, via the “Edit Forms” button. 

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After making any changes to these limits, be sure to save your settings, and then you’re good to go!


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