How do clients reschedule and cancel their appointments?

Clients are able to reschedule and cancel upcoming appointments by clicking on the Change/Cancel Appointment button in their confirmation email. That button is added into notifications by default, but can be removed in the Email Settings section if needed.

When a client clicks the Change/Cancel Appointment button, they’re brought to their appointment confirmation page, where they’re given options to cancel or reschedule.


If a client deletes or loses their confirmation email, you can resend it from their appointment details. Click the cog icon and select Resend Confirmation Email:


Heads up! Your Scheduling Limits will impact your clients' ability to cancel and reschedule.

Refunding Cancellations

If an appointment is cancelled, it's up to you to refund your clients based on your business's refund/cancellation policy. You'll need to handle all refunds outside of Acuity in your chosen payment processor (PayPal, Stripe, or Square).

Refunds cannot be issued directly inside of Acuity and will have to be manually processed in your payment processor's app!

Here's our Guide to Cancellations and Refunds for Appointments!

Note: Time zones can't be edited after an appointment has been scheduled! You will have to cancel the appointment, then rebook with the right time zone in cases like this!

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