How are appointments assigned to calendars?

Default settings

If an appointment type is offered on more than one calendar, clients are automatically given the option to select which calendar they’d like to book an appointment on, or opt for any available to be assigned an available calendar at their chosen time. 

By default, when the client chooses any available calendar, Acuity will distribute the appointments round robin, starting by sending appointments to the calendar with the least number of appointments that day.

Default Calendar Display:


Other settings you can choose

There are a few other ways to display calendars on your client scheduling page. If you go to Clients Scheduling Page > Customize Appearance > Scheduling Page Options you can:

  • Hide all calendar names by checking the box for Calendars: Pool Availability and Automatically Pick an Available Calendar. Appointments will be distributed as if the client picked Any Available from the calendar list.
  • Opt to hide the Any Available option for clients by checking the box for Calendars: Hide “any available” option from the Calendar list. This will require your clients to select a calendar instead of being assigned to the calendar with the least number of appointments scheduled that day. 
  • Change the way appointments are assigned when the client chooses the Any Available option by clicking the box for Calendars: Prioritize Calendars with "Any Available" Instead of Round Robin. Rather than going round robin, starting with the calendar with the fewest appointments on the selected day, Acuity will prioritize calendars alphabetically. It will give appointments to the first calendar until it is full, then go to the next calendar, and so on. If choosing this option, make sure you also have Pool Availability selected as well. If both options aren't selected, it won't work.

    Since calendars will be prioritized alphabetically when you choose the option Calendars: Prioritize Calendars with "Any Available" Instead of Round Robin, and calendars are automatically listed in alphabetical order, we'll have to do a little tweak to make your calendars prioritize correctly!  ​To do this, add spaces in front of calendar names to put them at the top of the list. In this case, here's how it'll look:

    _ _ Person 3
    _ Person 2
    Person 1
    * (each _ is one space -- so you'll replace each _ with a space)

    This way, Person 3 will be prioritized first, then 2, then 1.

Keep in mind: These options will only be available under the Scheduling Page Options area once more than one calendar has been created. If there's only one calendar in your account these options won't display until an additional calendar is added. 

"Hide Any Available" Display:


"Pool Availability" Display:




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