Direct Links to Calendars, Appointment Types, Categories, & Packages

Direct Scheduling Links are a great way to send your clients to a specific appointment type, appointment category, calendar, your class list, or your store page. You can find a list of direct scheduling links in Client's Scheduling Page > Scheduling Page Link in the dropdown menu:


There are a few places in your Acuity dashboard to find direct links.

Appointment Specific Direct Scheduling Links

The first place to see this in your left side navigation bar Client's Scheduling Page > Scheduling Page Link.

  • There, you'll see a dropdown menu of all your appointment type and calendar direct links at"Show direct links for...".
  • You'll see both links and embed code for your general Client's Scheduling Page, which would present all of your appointment types to your clients.
  • You can see direct links here for any specific appointment type, category or calendar. This list will grow as you add more of each of these on your account!



  • A direct appointment type link will allow the client to see only the availability of one appointment type and book that appointment, and no other appointment types.
  • Same goes for calendar specific direct links. Only appointment types on that one calendar will be viewable and bookable with its direct link.

You can also see Direct Links on the Business Settings > Appointment Types page. Here, you'll notice links to each Direct Scheduling Link to the right of your appointment types.

Appointment Category Direct Scheduling Links

If you have your appointments organized by categories, you can use direct links to those categories as well! These are found either in the dropdown menu from the Client's Scheduling Page > Scheduling Page Link page, or by hovering over the category on your Business Settings > Appointment Types page.


Calendar Specific Direct Scheduling Links

Calendar specific Direct Scheduling Links can be found on the Business Settings > Availability & Calendars page.

  • Keep in mind, only appointment types on one specific calendar will be viewable and bookable with its direct link. This way clients don't need to choose a specific calendar to book on, or even see the names of your other calendars.
  • Direct calendar links will be available in accounts with more than one calendar, which is possible with the Growing Business plan and the Powerhouse Player plan.


Direct Links to purchase Packages, Gift Certificates, & Subscriptions 

If you also sell packages, gift certificates, subscription and non-appointment items, you can use direct links for that stuff, too!

To see your direct link to your Store Page, go to Business Settings > Packages, Gift Certificates & SubscriptionsYou'll see your Direct Link to Store in the upper right:


If you have organized your packages into categories, you can link clients directly to those categories. The links will be in Business Settings > Packages, Gift Certificates & Subscriptions, directly to the right of the categories' names.


You can also see direct links for each package to the right of the package name.

Note: If you use these direct links, which go directly to individual packages, clients will be taken to the checkout screen. That means they will not see the package description, if you have written one.


Direct Links on the Mobile App 

The Acuity Scheduling Mobile App allows you to get direct links to calendars, appointment types, categories and locations.

You can access the Direct Link by opening up the sidebar navigation and selecting the Share Direct Links option. From there you can select the direct link you wish to share.

Here's an example:


Other Places You Can Find a Direct Link

Direct appointment type links can be found when editing an appointment in the Appointment Types page by hitting the "Direct Scheduling Link" button located in the upper right corner of the page.



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