Direct Links: Send Clients Links to Specific Calendars or Appointment Types

Direct Links are a great way to send your clients to a specific appointment type, appointment category, or calendar. 

A direct appointment type link will allow the client to see only the availability of one appointment type and book that appointment only.  They wouldn't have access to view or book other appointments in your account, only the appointment the link pertains to.  

To find a direct appointment type link in your account, head over to the Appointment Types page and click the "Direct Scheduling Link" button next to the appointment you'd like to generate a direct link for.

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With a direct calendar link clients will only be able to view the appointments and availability for one particular calendar in the account.  This way they wouldn't need to choose a specific calendar to book on, or even see the other calendar names in the account.

To find a direct calendar link in your account, head to the Availability & Calendars page and click the "Direct Scheduling Link" button next to the calendar you'd like to generate the direct link for. 

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Other places you can find a direct link

Direct appointment type links can be found when editing an appointment in the Appointment Types page by hitting the "Direct Scheduling Link" button located in the upper right corner of the page. 

A direct calendar link can be found in the Availability & Calendars page in the "Settings" area of a calendar.  The link or scheduler can be embedded into your webpage. Direct calendar links will be available in accounts with more than one calendar, the Growing Business plan and the Powerhouse Player plan.

You can also find all direct links on one page: Client's Scheduling Page > Scheduling Page Link section. There you'll see links and embed code for your general Client's Scheduling Page, which would present all of your appointment types to your clients. You'll also see a "Show direct links for...", and using that will allow you to select any specific type, category or calendar, and the page will refresh with the links and code you can use!

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