Size Limit for Images For Your Logo & Images on Packages, Calendars, and Appointment Types

Logo on the Client's Scheduling Page

To upload or change a logo for your business, go to  Client's Scheduling Page > Customize Appearance section. This will show in the header on your Client's Scheduling Page. If you're embedding the scheduler into your own website, this logo will not be visible.

Images on Packages, Subscriptions, & Gift Certificates

Images for your packages, gift certificates, or products, can be uploaded, removed, or replaced when you're editing an item in your Packages & Gift Certificates page.

Images on Appointment Types & Calendars

Images on appointment types and calendars can be added, changed, or removed in the settings for each appointment type and calendar. 

To add an image to an appointment type, head to Business Settings > Appointment Types, then click Edit for each of the appointment types to add an image to each one. 

To add an image to a calendar, go to Business Settings > Availability, click the Calendar Settings button of the calendar you're interested in, and an image (like a headshot!) to your calendar. This is only available on the Growing and Powerhouse plans, as those plans allow for multiple calendars. Calendar images will only show if the client can choose a calendar when scheduling via the Client's Scheduling Page.

Image Requirements

JPEG, GIF, and PNG are the formats needed for uploading images.

The maximum image size for your business logo is 120px high and 600px wide. If you upload a logo larger than this, it will be automatically resized to fit within those dimensions.

The maximum image size for your package, certificate, or product image is a maximum of 600px by 600px, and will also be automatically resized to fit within those limits.

The max file size is 1.5mb. Any dimension will go through though as long as the filesize is under 1.5mb. Square sized images will look best, too, so if you have an image that's rectangular, it might get squished! 

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