What kind of account do I use to log into Acuity Scheduling?

All new Acuity customers use Squarespace accounts to log in. Some longtime customers use Acuity accounts to log in. Read below for more details.

No matter which type of account you use, you can log in at acuityscheduling.com/login.php.

Which type of account do I have?

To verify which kind of account you have, log into Acuity and look at the bottom of the left menu bar. If your menu includes My Account, you have an Acuity account. If it doesn’t, you have a Squarespace account.


Why do I need to know?

Many people won’t ever need to pay attention to this distinction.

You’ll need to know which type of account you use if you’re following links from our help guides to Acuity settings, as shown below.


It’s also relevant if you’re reading help guides about certain settings related to paying for Acuity and managing users.

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